Conventional Scheduling No Longer Adequate

In real world operations, things rarely go according to plan. Late deliveries, last-minute order changes, and machine breakdowns require unexpected changes in production schedules.

However, conventional scheduling systems take hours to (re)compute execution plans for a given day or shift.

In the absence of real-time tools, managers must make spontaneous decisions with limited information, resulting in:

  • underutilized assets
  • missed deadlines
  • unplanned shutdowns in safety critical operations
  • dissatisfied customers… and ultimately reduced profits.

Tercio Dynamic Scheduling System

In contrast, the Tercio Dynamic Scheduling System provides real-time optimization of factory floor (or other logistical) operations that combine people, machines and robots in state-of-the-art manufacturing systems.

Our software can reschedule operations on the fly, immediately adjusting to:

  • equipment failures
  • scheduling problems
  • operational constraints
  • human errors
  • special timing and spatial requirements

Tercio Software is well suited to construction, logistics, healthcare, and servicing applications. Our algorithms incorporate the results of leading-edge human factors research, making Tercio software ideal for applications involving human-robot interaction and collaboration. For Windows deployments, our software is compiled by Excelsior JET.

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Engineering Services

Collaboration also characterizes how we work with our customers.  A typical engagement with Tercio Solutions is a team effort, comprised of Tercio systems engineering consultants and software engineers working alongside our customers’ key people.

We work together to:

  • Model the customer’s operational processes
  • Quantitatively demonstrate benefits
  • Apply and tune the Tercio software solution to customer needs
  • Support integration into the customer’s workflow

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